Why do you need a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant can be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. Medical malpractice is becoming more of a common thing. A Legal Nurse Consultant's role is to provide medical advice and expertise on specialized medical cases. A great benefit of hiring an LNC is the objectivity provided as well as a diverse mix of skills among different specialties. This can be extremely valuable to legal teams during medical malpractice suits. Take a further look below at the additional benefits of hiring an LNC:


There is a difference between hiring someone who only studied specific areas vs. hiring someone who has first-hand experience. You can rely on the fact that as a Legal Nursing Consultant, my face-to-face, hands-on experience in the medical field has offered me the skillset necessary to provide solid advice and valuable insight into certain medical cases.

Cost control

When you hear the words hospital liability or medical malpractice, costs are one of the main things that come to mind.  Instead of having to guess or estimate your costs, my pricing matrix is very straight forward. No need to worry about over-the-top fees. The displayed fee schedule below is quite reasonable.

Records Review

medical records review

The relevancy and timelines of the provided medical records will be thoroughly examined in correspondence to hospital policies and procedures as well as state and federal guidelines. This will also include research for contributing factors, as well as medical record interpretation. 


Your expertise and information provided during your deposition regarding the breaches in the standard of nursing care in this case were essential in receiving the 20 Million Dollar judgment for our client.
— Attorney, Birmingham, AL